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factor10 is the future

Posted by Dan Byström on December 23, 2010

After running my own company, Visual Design Softscape AB, for over 15 years, I’ve decided that it’s about time to take a step forward.

As of 1st January 2011, I’ll be joining the guys at factor10 full-time.

I really look forward to have inspiring colleagues to help improve my work – and hopefully that will work both ways. 🙂

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Better late than never

Posted by Dan Byström on September 15, 2008

Now this was nice – and unexpected:

Darwin: 1 – Creationism: 0

BTW, isn’t it odd that a thing called “intelligent design” tends to be the very opposite? 🙂 Ekeforshus

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Wow – I’m on a list, I’m on a list

Posted by Dan Byström on May 5, 2008


For some reason (that eludes me) my name has just appeared on a list which claims to contain the top 75 developers and architects in Sweden.

Of course I didn’t deserve this. On the other hand, there are things I think I did deserve and didn’t get, so I hope that all these things will somehow add up in a fair and just way before my coffin gets nailed shut. Ekeforshus

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A Newer Age

Posted by Dan Byström on March 28, 2008

Dream Catcher

Are the guys at your marketing department running around with mighty New Age Crystals and sleep under Indian Dream Catchers? Do you believe this is the root of all you especially nasty bugs lately? Then you obviously are in need of an equally mighty Anti-Crystal (or really, a shrink).

Actually I guess it’s more likely that you just want to harass them a little. Then www.newer-age.com comes to your assistance! A third option is of course that you are bored enough to like to participate in a Whale Song Expedition (that is, you sing to the whales!).

I know the guy behind this. Are there any qualified psychiatrist out there who can tell me if he’s likely to become violent…? 😉

Anyway I know he will be thrilled if his visitors counter would somehow sky rock to one hundred visitors.


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Posted by Dan Byström on February 26, 2008

  It is said that there is nothing surprising about the notion of, for instance, a person suddenly thinking about someone they haven’t thought about for years, and then discovering the next day that the person has in fact just died. There are always lots of people suddenly remembering people they haven’t thought about for ages, and always lots of people dying. In a population the size of, say, America the law of averages means that this particular coincidence must happen at least ten times a day, but it is none the less spooky to anyone who experiences it.  

The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul
Douglas Adams

Since this is my blog post number 42 – how can I avoid mentioning Douglas Adams and silly coincides? 🙂

I recently noticed that in a project I’ve been working on for some years now, the very first order entered into the system, order number 1, was handled by photographer number 42. And I thought to myself “how can a project starting out like this be anything less than a success”?!?

Speaking of blog post numbers, another equally pointless coincidence was that my blog post number 40 was about my 40th birthday. But still I cannot help myself from thinking that it is a little funny… :s

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Jukebox II

Posted by Dan Byström on December 12, 2007

Exactly one year ago I created my Jukebox page. To celebrate the anniversary I uploaded a bunch of new tunes.

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Birthday present

Posted by Dan Byström on October 15, 2007

An art map with dedication by Don Rosa… wasn’t THAT a cool present?

Thanks, Roger & Kerstin. 🙂

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The åäö Ghost Strikes… AGAIN!

Posted by Dan Byström on July 25, 2007

Just when I thought we were out of the dark ages… something hit me right out of the blue.

During the summer something strange has happened, which I suspect happened because of some Microsoft security update. That is at least more probable than an ill-willing gnome in my machine fiddling with some bits. But you never know.

What has happened is that the


property all of a sudden returns an incorrect result if the path contains a “non-ASCII” character like our swedish charaters åäö!!!

Replacing it with a


fixes the problem.


  1. Fire up a new windows forms project and add “MessageBox.Show( Application.ExecutablePath );” to the default form’s constructor.
  2. Compile and place the exe in a folder called “c:\Our Application”.
  3. Run and you get “C:\Our Application\WindowsApplication1.exe”.
  4. Now rename the folder to “c:\Vår Applikation”.
  5. Run and you get “C:\V�r Applikation\WindowsApplication1.exe”. Where the “�” character is #65533.

The scary thing is that this behavior just changed over night.

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Posted by Dan Byström on July 3, 2007

Currently our new house is being built.

I must admit I wasn’t prepared for the vast amount of decisions we had to do. Kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff, tiles, tapestries, electrical work, colors, doors, flooring, …

How are we supposed to know exactly what we want before actually having lived in the house first in order to get a feeling for what will work and what should be changed?

When I complained about this to a friend he told me that there’s actually a name for my annoyance: Big Design Up Front!!!

All these years we software developers have been told that we have so much to learn from the building industry. All of a sudden I’m not sure that’s true at all.

Maybe we should teach the building industry some agile practices? 🙂

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It’s a girl

Posted by Dan Byström on June 11, 2007

and she came to us at 09:17 as of today.


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