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Oh, I really should write something here about myself… I have just forgotten about this. I see that this page gets far to many hits to just be left with it’s default text…

Please be patient, I’ll throw in something here any day. If you read swedish, here is my old CV.

Thanks for dropping by,

  Dan, 2008-01-08

PS. I you wanna reach me, my mail address is dan@thisdomain. (Look at your browser’s address field to get “thisdomain” 🙂 .) Ekeforshus

One Response to “About”

  1. shahul said

    Hi Dan ,

    Your article is simple super and more userful.Thank for your contribution. I have question.
    Suppose if we have large image size (pixel, size). In that scenario how we can we get the Thumbnail image .If you have idea or sample can you post.
    I gone through the below webpage

    Kindly suggest

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