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Wow – I’m on a list, I’m on a list

Posted by Dan Byström on May 5, 2008


For some reason (that eludes me) my name has just appeared on a list which claims to contain the top 75 developers and architects in Sweden.

Of course I didn’t deserve this. On the other hand, there are things I think I did deserve and didn’t get, so I hope that all these things will somehow add up in a fair and just way before my coffin gets nailed shut. Ekeforshus

3 Responses to “Wow – I’m on a list, I’m on a list”

  1. Thomas Jespersen said

    Congrats!!! But Why is Mats Helander not on the list?

    To me he is the one who influenced my programming the most. Introducing me to POCO, OR Mapping and much more.

    PS: Could you please add a Subscribe link to your new blog.

  2. danbystrom said

    The only reason I can think of is that Mats Helander lives in the Netherlands nowadays!

  3. Joakim Backman said

    Tjohoo, du lyckade hålla dig kvar på listan i år också!


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