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A Newer Age

Posted by Dan Byström on March 28, 2008

Dream Catcher

Are the guys at your marketing department running around with mighty New Age Crystals and sleep under Indian Dream Catchers? Do you believe this is the root of all you especially nasty bugs lately? Then you obviously are in need of an equally mighty Anti-Crystal (or really, a shrink).

Actually I guess it’s more likely that you just want to harass them a little. Then www.newer-age.com comes to your assistance! A third option is of course that you are bored enough to like to participate in a Whale Song Expedition (that is, you sing to the whales!).

I know the guy behind this. Are there any qualified psychiatrist out there who can tell me if he’s likely to become violent…? 😉

Anyway I know he will be thrilled if his visitors counter would somehow sky rock to one hundred visitors.


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