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Posted by Dan Byström on February 26, 2008

  It is said that there is nothing surprising about the notion of, for instance, a person suddenly thinking about someone they haven’t thought about for years, and then discovering the next day that the person has in fact just died. There are always lots of people suddenly remembering people they haven’t thought about for ages, and always lots of people dying. In a population the size of, say, America the law of averages means that this particular coincidence must happen at least ten times a day, but it is none the less spooky to anyone who experiences it.  

The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul
Douglas Adams

Since this is my blog post number 42 – how can I avoid mentioning Douglas Adams and silly coincides? 🙂

I recently noticed that in a project I’ve been working on for some years now, the very first order entered into the system, order number 1, was handled by photographer number 42. And I thought to myself “how can a project starting out like this be anything less than a success”?!?

Speaking of blog post numbers, another equally pointless coincidence was that my blog post number 40 was about my 40th birthday. But still I cannot help myself from thinking that it is a little funny… :s

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