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Posted by Dan Byström on October 26, 2006

Today I’d like to celebrate a ten year anniversary.

Today it was exactly TEN years since my old friend Magnus Timmerby (MTI) entered the Hall of Fame of my vdQix game as number one. Since then he has dropped a few places (well, 71 places to be exact), but anyway… it can’t believe it was TEN YEARS since I wrote that applet!

Come to think of it… don’t you think that remarkably little has happened with the web since then? Better tools and more innovative ways to spread viruses… but apart from DHTML finally taking off thanks to Ajax/Atlas one would have believed that more would have happened during such a (in computer terms) vast period. Of course, if you’re a M$ junkie like me, you may be very exited by XBAP, which sounds incredibly cool.

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