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Posted by Dan Byström on May 18, 2006

Yesterday I had a great time at Expo-C i Karlskrona, listening to some inspiring speakers like Lennart Ohlsson and Dan North. The topics centered around languages, like Agile Languages and Domain Specific Languages. After awhile I started to realize that I really must try out Python and Ruby soon (like I’ve been told for years now).

But best of all was Eric Meyer, who was the last speaker. He almost convinced everyone that there exists a language that already delivers what the previous speakers propagated for – and more, like both strong and weak typing at the same time. This great language is… Visual Basic .NET. Afterwards Dan North said "well, it sounds just great, but… it is… VB!!!".

It will be interesting so see if Eric will manage to get rid of VB’s bad reputation. I asked him if we couldn’t have late binding in C# as well and got the obvious answer "why do you want it in C# when it’s already there in VB?". 🙂

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