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Happy New Year

Posted by Dan Byström on January 3, 2005

…to all you out there. Especially to my six(!) subscribers on Bloglines – whoever and wherever you may be.

Although Joel on Software, with almost 8,000 subscribers doesn’t need any promotion, I simply must quote this:

  I don’t care how much you know about continuations and closures and exception handling: if you can’t explain why while (*s++ = *t++); copies a string, or if that isn’t the most natural thing in the world to you, well, you’re programming based on superstition, as far as I’m concerned: a medical doctor who doesn’t know basic anatomy, passing out prescriptions based on what the pharma sales babe said would work.
— Joel Spolsky

Well spoken, what can I add to that? Maybe just the plain observation that in these days when security issues become increasingly important, the above statement is a prime example of code vulnerable to the "buffer overrun" security attack. OK, that was just a lame attempt trying to show off.

Hope we’ll all get a great 2005!

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