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Stupid is as stupid does

Posted by Dan Byström on November 10, 2004

…as Forrest Gump’s mother used to say.

Last week a large number of people did something stupid (59,017,382 persons to be exact). Analysts say that it was “moral values” that settled the outcome. To understand this, it may help to recall that “the land of freedom” was built by religious fanatics, outcast from England three hundred years ago. Just slightly more than ten generations ago!

  Morality is simply the attitude we adopt towards people whom we personally dislike.
— Oscar Wilde

I would otherwise have guessed that the main reason for the outcome was that when fearing terrorists, you would probably feel safer when lead by one, just as companies today hire hackers as security guys, I mean.

But a much simpler explanation exists: US Election 2004 Results Listed by Average IQ.

Time for a little quiz. Who has said “The homosexual agenda is the greatest threat to our freedom we face today”?

  1. John Cleese, in the Spanish Inquisition sketch
  2. Adolf Hitler
  3. Usama bin Ladin
  4. Tom Coburn, republican senator of Oklahoma

No prize for guessing the answer, but don’t miss to locate Oklahoma on the average IQ table.

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